[Samba] remove my email address

Robert Adkins II radkins at impelind.com
Tue Apr 29 12:23:03 GMT 2003

	You would also need to contact Google.com regarding removing any
mention of your E-mail address. Within a few days, this very E-mail that
you sent will be EASILY accessible via the Google.com newsgroups
section. Why don't you take a look through there?

	Also, if you really wanted to have your E-mail address removed
from a web-site, that appears to have NOTHING to do with this Samba
Mailing list, why would you send a message to this mailing list? I am
certain that the administrator of the web-site you mentioned would be
able to remove your E-mail address faster then anyone here could.
(Unless of course you were thinking this site is populated with a large
number of altruistic computer crackers that will descend upon that
web-server with a vengeance, simply deleting any and all mention of your
E-mail address...)

	I am feeling cranky this morning. Sorry for the vitriol.

	Good luck in getting your name removed from those "Scrupulous"
Spam Mailing Companies. 


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I am starting to receive a lot of unsolicited email at work.  I did a
search on my name to see if my email address is accessible on any web
I got a hit on this site 
which is a message I sent to your list server a couple of years ago.
remove my email address from the web page.  Thanks.

Lloyd Baldwin
Computer Systems Administrator
Suwannee River Water Management District
9225 County Road 49, Live Oak FL  32060
email baldwin_l at srwmd.state.fl.us
phone 386-362-1001

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