[Samba] Network Implementation

Sean Woodlock appr23 at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Apr 27 12:46:30 GMT 2003

Hi folks
I needs some advice on the best implementation of our distributed network

At present our architecture is running  sparc Solaris8/9 using nis/dns for
naming services, and running samba  I recently redesigned the
network. implementation, and need to know whether this is the best design to
use given the network environment.

Our  primary environment is UNIX based (Solaris 8/9) with say 20% laptop
users who use various windows OS.  We have about 20 sites spread across the
country on local loop, most of samba servers are also offering services such
as sunray and various other client/server services. Some are multi-home
servers that have a presents on all local site subnets, and some have 2
servers that are provided services on those local subnets.

I decided to stop of the nmbd providing local resolution and to point all
LMB to the centralised wins/DMB wins support = no  wins server =X.X.X.X.
Which works a treat all LMB sync there browselist with the DMB and all
clients can go to My Network Places  and select a site and use any of the
shares available, which is great.

What worry me is that is for any reason the primary wins/DMB fails or has
any problems then the whole network disappears from the My Network Places.

Is there away to maintain 2 DMB and Wins servers for redundancy. Or would I
be better of running local nmbd services and using remote browse sync and
remote announce to communicate with the primary DMB/Wins.  O yeah one last
thing to mention this is just one big domain,

Any help offered would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks in advanced


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