[Samba] Streaming Audio Files?????

Chris Grier cgrier at yahoo-inc.com
Sun Apr 27 13:13:33 GMT 2003

I have 2 Sun V880s running Samba 2.2.5 that are connected 
via Gb Ethernet (4 Gb NICs per server).  I'm serving audio 
content to 80 W2K Servers running Windows Media Server.

I'm pushing about 125Mb/sec. on each interface, but 
theoretically I should get 2.1Gb/sec out across all 4 
interfaces.  My backend storage is a LSI D178.  I'm 
running QFS version 3.5 on my Sun Servers.  

I'm looking for someone that's tuned Samba in a similar 
environment.  Any suggestions or ideas would greatly be 



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