[Samba] An OK too much when starting smb service

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Sat Apr 19 18:05:33 GMT 2003

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> Hi, I've got a question, mostly out of curiosity, because my Mandrake
> Linux 9.0 + Samba 2.2.8a is actually working fine.

Where did you get your samba-2.2.8a? I am sure we fixed this in 
2.2.7a-6mdk, and it should be in 2.2.8a-2mdk on the Samba FTP mirrors.

> Whenever I (re)start Samba by issuing "service smb start", I get the
> following output:

You should not be restarting samba that often. A reload is sufficient for 
most configurations to take effect, and a restart can lead to data loss on 
open files (AFAIK). The only time we restart samba on our production 
servers is when we upgrade, and that is don in the post-install script, so 
we *never* restart samba manually.

> [root at localhost marco]# service smb start
> Avvio servizi SMB:                                            [   OK   ]
> Avvio servizi NMB:                                            [   OK   ]
> [root at localhost marco]#                                       [   OK   ]
> The first two "OK"s are fine, but what is the 3rd one related to? What's
> more, it doesn't appear immediately; it appears one minute (or so) after
> I started the service. And, as you can see from the output, it does not
> "take a line on its own", it is just overwritten on the current shell
> line.

We check if cupsd is running, and if so we HUP smbd after a minute. This 
is so that if cups is set to start at boot, it usually takes a while to 
find all the printers, so we wait a bit, HUP smbd, so samba will have all 
the printers available.

This probably is not necessary anymore (with newer cups and samba 
packages), but we haven't gotten around to removing it, but we did 
redirect the ouput somewhere else ...


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