[Samba] Samba and solaris automountd

Robert Johannes rjohanne at piper.hamline.edu
Fri Apr 18 15:09:48 GMT 2003

Hello folks,
I have posted a message similar to this on the solaris list. I'm trying
to export a number of shares that are automounted under a common
directory, i.e, /prog.  Under /prog, I have directories such as /prog/one,
/prog/two,  /prog/three, /prog/four e.t.c; some of the directories are
from the same nfs server, others are from different nfs servers.  The
beauty of automounting /prog is that I have one central place where I can
access all these shared filesystems from a single unix workstations.

The question is, how do I use samba to replicate that same "beauty" to P.C
workstations?  That is, I want /prog shared out to P.C's by samba, so that
everything may appear, and be mounted as drive
H:\prog\[one,two,three,four] on a windows machine?.

How does it work with  the fact that /prog/one and /prog/two are from two
different servers; that  is, how would I consolidate running samba on
filesystem #1, which shares out /one and filesystem #2 which shares out
/two?  I hope that is clear to some body.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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