[Samba] Configuring password expiration with SAMBA

Russ Haskett webmaster at psysolutions.com
Thu Apr 17 21:09:17 GMT 2003

I have been researching this for some time and have run into nothing but
walls. My local LUG has basically told me this won't work or at least
that no-one in the group has gotten it to work.

I am trying to setup some SAMBA servers to replace some NT and Novell
servers but I have been informed, by higher powers, that I must be able
to do password aging with whatever I setup (like passwords expiring in
40 days and users being able to change their passwords).

I have been looking at PAM with SAMBA but cannot figure out how to make
things work - and I am beginning to wonder if it is possible.

If someone knows how to get this accomplished I would greatly appreciate
a pointer to some docs that would help me out.


If someone knows that this does not work then please let me know so I
can start spending my time on learning Novell (which would greatly
disappoint me)



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