[Samba] Symlinks and Windows long filenames

Fire stalker firestalker1 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 17 20:28:09 GMT 2003

I have migrated my documents to a linux partition from windows, as I used to 
be a windows user. So I have spaces in the names of my files and folders, 
which linux seems to deal with fine, so I leave it that way. now I wanted to 
share some of my folders with my home network, but they are running windows, 
so I read up on samba and how to configure it. I pointed it to one of these 
folders to find out that u cannot point to folders with spaces in the path 
(even if u "\ "), ok I thought that's fine, so I made a folder /d/shared and 
in this folder I put symlinks to the folders that have spaces in the path, 
but the symlinks do not have spaces. they would not show up on my linux 
accessing the smb server, or on the windows boxes, I finally realized that 
the folders that the symlinks point to cannot have spaces in the path either 
(if they do they will not show up) so now they show up and work. One 
interesting thing is once u get past that, and u click on one of the 
symlinks the folder that it points to pops up just fine in an SMB session 
and in this folder is folders that have spaces in the name, and when I click 
on those, it works fine (y should I be able to, if samba won't point to 
folders with spaces in the path???). My new problem however is stranger than 
fiction, I have 2 real folders (no spaces) in this folder full of symlinks 
and in these 2 real folders I have symlinks (no spaces in path pointed to or 
in name) but they don't show up. I was using the stable version from 
ftp.debian.org, now I'm using the unstable version in an attempt to remedy 
the problem but I guess noone caught it? Please help

Thank you


PS sorry for the life story, but I figured you would need the most complete 
explanation, and what I tried to find the problem :)

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