[Samba] Slow connection

Koenraad Lelong k.lelong at ace-electronics.be
Thu Apr 17 07:03:55 GMT 2003

As a matter of fact, just before I got this message I tried something
else : I put a 10Mb hub between the switch and the server (I'm using
winbind to authenticate via a PDC). Uploading went faster : about 4
minutes for 160Mb, before it was 45 minutes. Download was slower : 4
minutes, before it was 1 minute.
mii-tool reported 100MbT4 !?
Now I'm looking to force the NIC with module.conf (any pointers how to
are welcome !).
I still don't understand why everything went fast when I did it from the
server, and slow when done from the client.

Noel Kelly wrote:
> Yes why not try a crossover cable?  But I must say, a Dlink switch and an
> SiS NIC would always arouse my suspicions :)  Even if you have a 10Mb card
> in the Server then you might find that improves things (sorry I can't
> remember your original benchmarks).
> Yes you can use Ethereal to capture the packets or if you are not using a
> gui on Linux, capture traffic with tcpdump and then view it in Ethereal on a
> Windoze machine.
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