[Samba] Implementation of W2K Group Policies from a Linux Server

Daniel Bell zaggy at optusnet.com.au
Thu Apr 17 06:36:09 GMT 2003

I am an evil M$ MCSE :), who of late is planning on opening his 
own business... Due to the large cost involved with setting up 
Win2K server, both Hardware and OS, we are considering a Linux 
server setup. We have SOME experience with Linux, but were after 
information specifically on the possible implementation of Win2K 
Group Policies (as well as 'Domain' Authentication_ for the client 
machines, from a Linux/Samba Server. There will be approx 30 
Win2K/WinXP Client Machines.

Our questions are this:

Is this possible currently with Linux/Samba? As weve found little 
info on this...

If so, are there Graphical Management Tools for the User/Groups 
and Group Policies? As we envisage the possibility of relatively 
inexperienced ppl having to at times perform simple administration 

What sort of minimum specs are we talking, for a machine to run 
this service? (we will also be running a Linux Gateway/Firewall on a 
separate box)...

Daniel Bell

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