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Ben Griffith bgriffit at email.unc.edu
Wed Apr 16 14:05:46 GMT 2003

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> All I wanted was information on getting a NT server to accecpt connections from UNIX.

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I don't know if this is what you want, but here is something I just did.

Linux machine: RedHat 6.2 - samba 2.2.8a
Pseudo NT Server: Windows 2000 Pro, domain member.

Create shared folder on Win2K. Allow access only to domain user "test"

On linux machine (as root): mount -t smbfs -o username=test //win2kNetBiosName/share /mnt/win2k

This prompts me for the password for the user "test" after making a connection to 

When done, I can access my Win2K folder at the mount point /mnt/win2k

Clearly this may differ on an NT4 server and your unix clients, but it is quite possible to allow 
Unix users to access a share on your Windows server.

more details at 'man smbmount'


Ben Griffith
bgriffit at email.unc.edu

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