[Samba] Slow connection

Koenraad Lelong k.lelong at ace-electronics.be
Wed Apr 16 06:30:55 GMT 2003

Last week I discovered that my samba-server seems rather slow. When I
searched around I discovered that I wasn't the only one experiencing
this, but I didn't find a solution. I experimented a little, and I hope
someone can suggest a solution.
First my server : SuSE 8.1, with Samba 2.2.5 (comes with the distribution).
 From a WinME-client I uploaded a 160Mb file to the samba-server. This
took about 45 minutes. Downloading the file took about 1 minute. Some
would say, look at the configuration of your NIC/hub/switch, but after I
did some more trials I think that is not the source :
 From my samba-server, I downloaded that 160MB file from the
WinME-machine, with smbclient, in about 1 minute. Uploading the file to
the WinME-machine also took about 1 minute. I think this proofs that the
setup of the network has nothing to do with the slow performance of my
If someone needs more information, please ask.
Met vriendelijke groeten,
Koenraad Lelong
R&D Manager
ACE electronics n.v.

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