[Samba] RE: File shares seem to timeout?

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Alistair, your email bounced, resending to the samba list....

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urrrrh.  i've not used swat.  apologies.

i've just enabled it on my webmin here and it wrote the following in my conf

        keepalive = 60

that 60 is the number of seconds according to webmin....

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Hi Mat,

Hmmm is that in swat somewhere? I'm running samba from Solaris, what is



I noticed a 'Keepalive packets every x seconds' in webmin.  is that what
your after?  (he said without knowing squat really, i'm still just
too), under unix networking options...

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I have a samba server joined to a Win 2000 domain.

It all works fine except that for some reason if a Win2KPro client has a
file/folder open overnight (or for a long time), then they are

I can't find a relevant timeout setting when browsing through swat.

Anyone got any ideas?



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