[Samba] Windows NT and AIX / Tru64 Unix

Ron Bramblett bramblet at fuller.com
Tue Apr 15 18:40:02 GMT 2003

I need some directions hopefully straight to the point to connect 3 
different servers using Samba.

I have a AIX server that I need to be able to share files with a Windows 
  NT Server. and back

I have a Tru64 Unix server that I need to be able to do the same with.

Both of the unixes will be running Samba and I just would like to be 
able to share the files with them.

Are there directions I can follow to set this up?? As I don't control 
the Windows NT server (don't even have an account on it) I will need to 
get the information that I need and share it with the Network Admin.

I have some information but not enough.

Thanks for a great list.

Ron Bramblett
Sys Admin
Fuller Brush Company.

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