[Samba] Problem loggin on to samba PDC

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Sun Apr 13 21:04:25 GMT 2003

On Sun, 2003-04-13 at 12:03, tc wrote:
> the answer to all questions is yes!!!
you sound annoyed that i asked - if you don't want me to ask stupid
questions provide the information in your message...

> Log files of the clients simply show that user authentication failed and then 
> something like "Username no is invalid on this system" 
you need to show the log files 
> User accounts were created locally on the windows machines. Log files also 
> indicate that the samba server successfully became a logon server.
user accounts should only be on the server - not local
> And finally browsing and logging in through network neighbourhood works fine 
> with the same users in smbpasswd.
so this means that the passwords are what you think they are...

did you create the netlogon share with the proper permissions?
really - read that howto i sent you - you're not providing enough
information for anyone to help you.


Bradley W. Langhorst <brad at langhorst.com>

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