[Samba] checking nmbd

lovswr1 lovswr1 at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 13 23:05:33 GMT 2003

Hello.  I just recently upgraded to redhat 9 from 7 & everything went
smoothly except samba.  Using the DIAGNOSIS.txt I get to step 3 (I
think) & execute the following command

		nmblookup -B servername _SAMBA_

the return is thus

		querying _SAMBA_ on
		name_query failed to find name _SAMBA_

the text advises that nmbd is not installed correctly.  Well I'm using
xinetd & I created a separate script  /etc/samba/runsamba that I point
to from xinetd.conf.  When I use netstat -a I see that the 139/tcp is
listening but 137/udp is not ( As a matter of fact,  all of the udp
ports are "blank" under the status tab in the readout).  I tried to use
the ps command to check the nmbd daemon but this turned out to be beyond
the scope of my capabilities.  I am trying to connect to an XP Pro
(Service Pack 1) box.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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