[Samba] dfs replication

Michael Piko michael at piko.com.au
Wed Apr 9 03:01:00 GMT 2003

Thanks for the feedback.

Maybe not an entire file system, but MS does support file replication
through the "File Replication Service" (FRS).
FRS is the service used primarily to replicate Active Directory between
domain controllers.

In a domain model, you can set up replicas with a domain dfs shares so that
when a file is modified on one, the changes are replicated to the other. (It
is a bit dodgy though!)

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> dfs is really meant for read only resources. Windows doesn't have a
> for replicating entire filesystems.
> You could setup rsync to do this. You just need to specify that it is a
> share in the smb.conf.
> Jim
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> Hi,
> I am considering using the dfs options in samba. The question I have is
> about file replication.
> I want to set up dfs between two servers (one dfs share points to two real
> shares). In particular, I want have a share on one and a replica on the
> other as a fallback in the even of the first failing.
> I have done it on windows 2K server before.
> I am considering using rsync to replicate the files hourly (unless there
> a better way).
> After reading the howtos, it seems as though it would work well, but
> I go shooting off and recommending it I just thought I'd ask a few
> of the gurus:
> Has anyone played with this stuff before?
> Does it work?
> Will it do what I want?
> Is there any gotchas/recommendations?
> Michael.
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