[Samba] dfs replication

Michael Piko michael at piko.com.au
Wed Apr 9 00:50:08 GMT 2003


I am considering using the dfs options in samba. The question I have is about file replication.

I want to set up dfs between two servers (one dfs share points to two real shares). In particular, I want have a share on one and a replica on the other as a fallback in the even of the first failing. 
I have done it on windows 2K server before.
I am considering using rsync to replicate the files hourly (unless there is a better way).

After reading the howtos, it seems as though it would work well, but before I go shooting off and recommending it I just thought I'd ask a few questions of the gurus:

Has anyone played with this stuff before? 
Does it work? 
Will it do what I want?
Is there any gotchas/recommendations?



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