[Samba] password aging

Arnold Andrews X-324-4292 aandrews at eng.okla.seagate.com
Mon Apr 7 15:39:01 GMT 2003

> >> check date and time on client and samba machine. My christal ball
> >> say, your Solaris is your PDC.
> >>
> >
> > Yes, my Solaris host is the PDC.  ???  The date and time are within a
> > minute of each other on the Samba server and the PC.  What does the
> > date and time have to do with the expiration message?
> I saw this sometimes, if the client time was completely different from
> samba PDC (for instance in the future: 28.03.2034), when the (roaming)
> user profile was created.
> Check the timestamp of your user profile and his files (for instance
> your ntuser.dat) on samba server.

I am still missing how the timestamp of the user profile is related to this 
problem.  I am not even using a roaming profile.  To test it, I switched my 
profile type to roaming, then logged out and back in.  Same issue, "Your 
password will expire in 7 days. Would you like to change it now?"  I tried 
moving my profile aside then letting the system create me a brand new profile.  
Nothing I did had any effect on the issue.  I finally just changed my Samba user 
password and the message quit coming up.  I'm not the only user seeing this 
problem however, so it would be nice if I could do something to prevent Samba 
from trying to force me to change my password.  I really only need to change my 
password when the Novell password aging system tells me I have to.  At that 
point, I simply change both the Novell, and the windows (Samba) password 
together.  I never saw this issue before moving to 2.2.8 (from 2.2.2).

Any help is appreciated.


Arnold Andrews
MCAD/Unix Systems Administrator
Seagate Technology, LLC

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