[Samba] password aging

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Mon Apr 7 21:51:00 GMT 2003

Hi Arnold Andrews X-324-4292,

you wrote:

> I am still missing how the timestamp of the user profile is related
> to this problem.

I don't know why, sorry. But for two users this was the reason for the
problem. If you can read german, please take a look into the complete
thread here:


(one line)

> I am not even using a roaming profile.  To test it,
> I switched my profile type to roaming, then logged out and back in.
> Same issue, "Your password will expire in 7 days. Would you like to
> change it now?"  I tried moving my profile aside then letting the
> system create me a brand new profile. Nothing I did had any effect on
> the issue.  I finally just changed my Samba user password and the
> message quit coming up.  I'm not the only user seeing this problem
> however, so it would be nice if I could do something to prevent Samba
> from trying to force me to change my password.  I really only need to
> change my password when the Novell password aging system tells me I
> have to.  At that point, I simply change both the Novell, and the
> windows (Samba) password together.  I never saw this issue before
> moving to 2.2.8 (from 2.2.2).

And you are shure you are not using local password policies ore
config.pol in the netlogon share with password aging?

der tom

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