[Samba] Cable Modem

phil brogan philbrog at ptd.net
Sun Apr 6 14:03:14 GMT 2003

I read many postings in this listserv about cable modem under RHL 7.3 in 
Sept 2002, I followed the recommendations, but I still can't get it to 
work.  I have 3 computers connected to an Ethernet hub/router in my 
house, and the uplink from the hub/router goes to a Scientific-Atlanta 
Webstar cable modem.  The 2 Windows computers are successfully using the 
cable modem to connect to the internet, my RHL 7.3 computer is not.

Here's what I did:

1) Ran "neat", the Network Configuration tool.
2) The "Devices" tab shows my eth0 connection as inactive.
3) I looked at the details of eth0, and on the "General" tab, I have the 
radio button set to automatically obtain IP addresses using DHCP.
4) On the Router tab, I set the Subnet mask and Gateway with the values 
from the output from the "ipconfig /all" command on the Windows XP machine.
5) The "Hardware" tab shows my NIC card.
6) The "Hosts" tab has no entries on it.
7) The "DNS" tab has Hostname blank, has Primary, Secondary, and 
Tertiary DNS valued with the TCP/IP addresses of my ISP's DNS Servers.  
I got these values from the output from the "ipconfig /all" command on 
the Windows XP machine.

When I click the Activate button from neat, it sits for about a minute, 
then I get error message "Cannot activate network device eth0".

It is not a hardware problem, the NIC card worked fine before the cable 
modem was installed, I used it to access the Windows machines on my home 
network.  At that time I was using static IP addresses.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong, or if I'm missing something?

Thank you, I appreciate your time.

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