[Samba] hide folders from others

Rubens Cunha samba_cunha at web.de
Fri Apr 4 07:25:56 GMT 2003


    I am new to the samba world (and also to the list) and have been just
marveled about the many possibilities, however I am stuck in  a problem
since 2 weeks and have found no solution to it: I need to configure my
network neighbourhood so that the users will only see their folders and the
folders of the groups they belong to.
    I have already tried path = /data/%g but the problem is that some users
belong to more than one group... Also "hide unreadable" works only for
files, not for folders..  I have already spent hours on the internet, read 2
different books and didn`t find a solution for that. Can someone help me?

    Many thanks,

    Rubens Cunha


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