[Samba] using acls to provide finer access controls within a share

Michael.Homsey at csiro.au Michael.Homsey at csiro.au
Fri Apr 4 06:05:03 GMT 2003

I am looking for pointers or advice on the use of acls in samba.
I have read the (2.2.8) man page for smbacls and the obvious bits in the
smb.conf.5 file.
I want to control various rw/ro accesses within a share, rather than having
multiple shares with different capabilities. 

(the context is a solaris box, running apache with the (effective) htdocs
area shared in total. Content managers use dreamweaver to massage content.
Dreamweaver uses a site wide library and template directory which needs to
be accessible in the same place relative to htdocs etc. So, to stop people
clobbering this and areas they have no rights to and do not want multiple
shares with various abilities. And just in case you are wondering, there is
a forced user/group/masks etc, otherwise dreamweaver gets cranky :-) )

pointers to examples/advice on acls would be appreciated.

Michael Homsey
Telecommunications and Industrial Physics
CSIRO, Australia

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