[Samba] hide folders from others

Greg Miller gmiller at eccbm.com
Fri Apr 4 15:15:58 GMT 2003

Not the easiest or even the greatest solution but you could hide ALL
folders and then use logon.bat files for each individual user and only
map what drives they should be using.  Like I said it's not the greatest
solution but it will work.

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    I am new to the samba world (and also to the list) and have been
marveled about the many possibilities, however I am stuck in  a problem
since 2 weeks and have found no solution to it: I need to configure my
network neighbourhood so that the users will only see their folders and
folders of the groups they belong to.
    I have already tried path = /data/%g but the problem is that some
belong to more than one group... Also "hide unreadable" works only for
files, not for folders..  I have already spent hours on the internet,
read 2
different books and didn`t find a solution for that. Can someone help

    Many thanks,

    Rubens Cunha


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