[Samba] Is there an easier way to add a user?

Robert Adkins II radkins at impelind.com
Wed Apr 2 21:56:45 GMT 2003

Hello All,

	I have a Samba PDC and Samba BDC working in our network.
Currently, I am having no problems with adding users to the network. It
is a slightly longer process then I would like to have, but it works.

	I am experiencing one slight issue that may have been covered
previously, but I have been unable to locate anything on that.

	Here it is...

	I add a user account to the server and then to the Samba
service. When I login with that new user and start up MS Word, the
registry writing MS Word process starts up to configure Word and the
rest of MS Office for that user. I have found that unless that user is
configured, only temporarily, as a Domain Administrator, this process
will fail utterly. 

	Is there some kind of work around to avoid having to have a user
temporarily configured with Domain Admin rights? As we grow over time, I
have no desire to have to manually log every new user in our network
onto their new system, make the configurations and then log them back
off and then edit them out of the domain admins group.

Robert Adkins II
IT Manager/Buyer
Impel Industries, Inc.

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