[Samba] Just starting with SAMBA

Dan Shadix dshadix at trhs.org
Wed Apr 2 22:39:10 GMT 2003

I am running an NT4 domain with 7 domain controllers.  We are about to open a new clinic and I am planning to use SAMBA running on RedHat 8 (or maybe 9) there.  The plan is to eventually migrate from NT Server to SAMBA for file/print.  I have a few users that logon from different locations but due to WAN speed we aren't using roaming profiles right now.  I could set up this remote location as its' own domain but when I get switched completely to SAMBA I'd like to centralize management as much as possible.  I'm leaning toward using LDAP and setting up the new location as a separate domain.

So, any recommendations?

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