[Samba] vorkomg on vmware virtual machine

John Benedetto jbenedet at unm.edu
Tue Sep 17 18:15:01 GMT 2002

We have been running our production Samba server on VMWare GXS server for 
just about a year now.  First on version one, now on version two (upgrade 
performed a few weeks ago).

The original poster does not say whether they are using VMWare workstation, 
or VMWare GSX server.  For testing purposes, though, I do not see any 
problem with running it on VMWare workstation, over the higher end GSX 
server product.

Our parent O/S is Linux, while "cferent"'s O/S is Windows 2000.  I do not 
know if that could be a factor or not.  The things that pop to mind to 
check are:
- make sure you have no limitations on the parent O/S (firewall issues and 
the like)
- make sure your virtual machine has full networking, and is not locked 
down to the parent O/S.
- Arthur's point of a unique IP address is, of course, a valid one.  You 
would not need a seperate physical network interface, though.

Some of the things to look at, same as with non-vmware setup:
- do you have full networking INTO the Linux virtual machine, say with 
SSH/telnet/web?  If not, that is a big problem indicator right there.
- did you accidentally install the default firewall for whatever Linux 
distro you used?  (IPChains/IPTables).
- proper guest setup in the smb.conf, /etc/password, & smbpasswd file?

Long story short: Yes, it is possible to run a Samba server on a virtual 
machine, using VMWare.

You may want to post your smb.conf to the list, if you have verified that 
there are no network access problems to the virtual machine.  Please delete 
all comments & any empty entries in the file, though.

- john

--On Tuesday, September 17, 2002 7:50 PM +0200 Arthur van Dorp 
<arthur_vd at gmx.net> wrote:

> cferent wrote:
>>   Do know a isue about Samba not working well an a vmware virtual
>>   machine running on a Windows200 Server as host OS
>>   Even if saw my virtual linux machine in Network Neighborhood i can't
>>   acces it, I keep get an error message about not the network path been
>>   invalid
> I don't think anyone here ever tried to run samba on vmware. I think
> there are a lot of possible issues with that. But if you really want to
> do this, I'd suggest to give the virtual linux(?)-server a different
> IP-Address than the windows machine it's running on. I don't know whether
> that is easily possible with vmware but I'd say it's important that the
> virtual machine is known on the intranet as an independent machine.
> Probably you even have to have a separat physical network interface. But
> I really can't see the point of this at all anyway.
> Arthur
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