[Samba] vorkomg on vmware virtual machine

Mark Belfanti mark at belfanti.com
Tue Sep 17 23:07:00 GMT 2002

Arthur van Dorp wrote:

> cferent wrote:
>>   Do know a isue about Samba not working well an a vmware virtual
>>   machine running on a Windows200 Server as host OS
>>   Even if saw my virtual linux machine in Network Neighborhood i can't
>>   acces it, I keep get an error message about not the network path been
>>   invalid
> I don't think anyone here ever tried to run samba on vmware. I think 
> there are a lot of possible issues with that. But if you really want 
> to do this, I'd suggest to give the virtual linux(?)-server a 
> different IP-Address than the windows machine it's running on. I don't 
> know whether that is easily possible with vmware but I'd say it's 
> important that the virtual machine is known on the intranet as an 
> independent machine. Probably you even have to have a separat physical 
> network interface. But I really can't see the point of this at all 
> anyway.
> Arthur
Hi all,
you can make it work. You need to use bridges networking and assign a 
separate IP address to the virtual machine.
As a point of interest VMWare under linux uses samba to make the host OS 
available to the guest OS. No there is a commercial aspect of samba in 
action ;-)


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