[Samba] Matching two redhat servers

Rodger Haynes rodger at thompsonprint.com
Tue Oct 29 21:31:01 GMT 2002

It could be a firewall issue - are both machines configured the same for 
access through the firewall? Enable 137 - 139 for tcp and udp

Max Cairns wrote:

> Help!
> I've got two new servers. I installed redhat v7.3 on one myself, and 
> have got it to run samba successfully and connect to a W95 PC. The 
> other was bought pre-installed with the same linux version, and I 
> cannot get the W95 box to get beyond "No domain server was available...".
> As far as I see, \etc\samba\smb.conf files are identical, as are the 
> \etc\hosts files. I'm using the same cable and W95 box. Both servers 
> run dhcpd to the W95 box successfully.
> Can someone list any other configuration files which I should compare? 
> There must be a difference somewhere...
> Appreciate the help
> Max Cairns

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