[Samba] Matching two redhat servers

Max Cairns max at abbey-well.co.uk
Tue Oct 29 21:02:01 GMT 2002


I've got two new servers. I installed redhat v7.3 on one myself, and have got it to run samba successfully and connect to a W95 PC. The other was bought pre-installed with the same linux version, and I cannot get the W95 box to get beyond "No domain server was available...".

As far as I see, \etc\samba\smb.conf files are identical, as are the \etc\hosts files. I'm using the same cable and W95 box. Both servers run dhcpd to the W95 box successfully.

Can someone list any other configuration files which I should compare? There must be a difference somewhere...

Appreciate the help

Max Cairns
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