[Samba] Install to alternate location

mark lists at xinot.net
Thu Oct 24 18:20:01 GMT 2002

On Thursday 24 October 2002 6:48 pm, Jennifer Crusade wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to download and install samba with winbind but I can not make
> it go to a different location,   I do not want it to go to /usr/local/samba
> because when I do then the system does not use the new version.  I have
> tried to link the new version with the old but I could not get that to work
> either.
> If someone can assist me in making an install go to an alternate location
> as well as how to make the system use the new install from an alternate
> location.  I would like to know how to do both.
> Thanks,
> Jennifer Crusade
> GTESS Corp.
> CCNA, MCSE W2k\NT 4.0, MCP +I
You really don't suppy enough information.  

To whit:

Are you installing binaries or source?
What OS are you using?
What architecture are you using?
If you are installing binaries via rpm on a linux i386 platform then you need 
to man rpm.
If you are installing binaries via package on FreeBSD you need to man pkg_add.  
as in pkg_add -p .....
If you are installing from source you need to do ./configure 

If there's additional needs for installing samba with winbind support I don't 
really know since I don't use winbind.  I only have about 8 users and I am 
lazy enough to install them on the server as unix users rather than learning 
about winbind.  I know I suck.  Oh well.

And I don't understand what you mean by linking the new version to the old.  

In short, there are a lot of possible things for you to do, but not enough 
information from you to point you in the right direction.


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