[Samba] How do I permit NT Administrator to manage ACL's on s amba file server

Konkol, Josh JKonkol at guidemail.com
Wed Oct 23 13:04:01 GMT 2002

It has been my experience that only the owner of the file and root change
change ACLS on that file.  Since you've stated that Administrator IS the
owner, maybe there's something else.  Are you getting any errors ?  Who is
the owner of the diretory that the folder resides in.  Is the Administrator
given write permissions at the share level?

My work-around for modifying ACL's was to create a hidden share that only
Domain Admins were allowed to access, then for that share I used force user
= root.  That enabled all of my domain admins to modify ACL's on all files
under that share.

I know I've asked more questions than given answers, but sometimes it helps.


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How to manage my Samba ACLs from NT ?
My administrator seemingly doesn't have the rights to change ACLs

And even though my administrator owns the fiels on the Samba machine it has
no rights to change ACLs or ownership.
The files are owned by "DOMAIN+Administrator" and group is "DOMAIN+Domain

I have added the user to smbpasswd I think (how can I check this ? And is
this needed ?).
Or di I have to give this user 'root' rights and how can I do that ?

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