[Samba] How do I permit NT Administrator to manage ACL's on samba file server

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Wed Oct 23 13:34:52 GMT 2002

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> It has been my experience that only the owner of the file and root change
> change ACLS on that file.  Since you've stated that Administrator IS the
> owner, maybe there's something else.  Are you getting any errors ?  Who is
> the owner of the diretory that the folder resides in.  Is the
> given write permissions at the share level?
> My work-around for modifying ACL's was to create a hidden share that only
> Domain Admins were allowed to access, then for that share I used force
> = root.  That enabled all of my domain admins to modify ACL's on all files
> under that share.
> I know I've asked more questions than given answers, but sometimes it

I have this same problem, I can change read/write permissions but I can't
change ownership or add a new group to the file/folder access list.

Even if I am the owner of the file I get the same message:

"Unable to save permission changes on xxx, access denied"

Is there any solution for this?

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