[Samba] Strange filenames after copy to smb-share

Nir Soffer nirs at exanet.com
Wed Oct 23 12:28:20 GMT 2002

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> Hye,
> we use a samba 2.2.3a which works fine most time.
> now i found that one client has some strange problems.
> when the user copies files to the smb-share some of them will 
> be created
> with very strange filenames.
> For example let's say the original file is named:
> my_nicetestfile.txt then on the server the file will be created as
> my_nic~1.txt and also a file will be created called
> my_nicefile:{some_strange_chars_here_in}.txt
> has someone an idea how to solve this behaviour?

I'm betting on the ADS bug.

It was fixed AFAIK in 2.2.4. I would upgrade to 2.2.6.


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