[Samba] Security issue

Skip Dobrin sdobrin at comcast.net
Wed Oct 23 13:37:57 GMT 2002

Check the permissions on the unix/linux file system.  Since access is
determined by these permissions.  You are probably the owner of the
filesystem and the other user is not in the group that was assigned when it
was created.  Check the samba create mask setting in the smb.conf as well.


Skip  :)

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	My question is probable more a windows 2000 issue, but since my
experience is that linux-related mailinglists result in more usable
information, I give his a try.

	I have running a network with win98 and win2000 clients, and a
samba server to deal with user level security.

	When I tried to share a folder on a win200 machine for full
control for me and another user, I had no problem accessing and
modifying the files. The other user on the other hand, could not even
browse (nor read) the files in the folder.

	Does anybodyy know how the access control in shared win2000
folders works? I assumed that if you put it on the network with a share,
and you would give access rights to the share, this would be sufficient.
Or do you need to change secutity rights on the files in the folder as
well? Since I am 'administrator' I can maybe modify files more easy in a

 I hope somebody will be able to help me,

  Best regards,

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