[Samba] domain logon problem - FreeBSD PDC w/ win2k pro and winxp pro

Sam Barasch barasch at biostat.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 21 18:48:01 GMT 2002

Mr. unix rookie,

Have you applied the requiresignorseal registry hack?


At 11:20 AM 10/21/2002 -0700, Unix Rookie wrote:
>for some reason, i cannot logon to my domain.
>i've created user accounts... and i was able to establish a connection between
>the samba server (my PDC) and my workstations by logging in as "root."
>however now when i try to logon it gives the following error message:
>"Logon Message
>The system could not log you on.  Make sure your User name and domain are
>correct, then type your password again.  Letters in the passwords must be 
>using the correct case.  Make sure that Caps Lock is not accidently on."
>i've created both system accounts and used smbpasswd -a to establish the
>accounts.  the odd thing is that i can connect to the samba server if i look
>for it using the search feature and then type my username/password.
>as always, any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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