[Samba] German codepage and Samba3.0alpha20

Walter Mautner rentuam_retlaw at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 21 04:45:01 GMT 2002

Hi there, Greetings from Vienna :)

About 2 weeks ago I tried - waiting anxiously for
 group mapping support which isn't available yet on
 the 2.2.x versions and won't ever be - the 3.0a20
 version. Everything fine, I could join the domain
 as non-root member of the windows "domain admins"
 group, could assign local power user privilege to
 domain users as expected (with smbgroupedit). BUT
 I could not manage to make profiles work, due
 to the occurence of umlauts in profile paths.
Also, file- and link names which contained umlauts
 are mangled like crazy. I use a old AIX4.2.1 box.
 Samba compiled fine there using IBMs XlC. No
 support for winbind or nsswitch, however ...

My codepage settings - on 2.2.x:
Character set = ISO8859-1
Client codepage = 850

 works like a charm ... maybe except some
 occurrence of "Startmen|" or "Startmen³" instead
 of "Startmen&uumlaut" in profiles, probably leftovers
 from ancient versions.

On 3.0, I tried
 unix charset = ASCII
 display charset = ASCII
 dos charset = 850 or CP850 (uncertain, manpage
 and swat say different things)

With the effect, that umlaut files generated from the
 unix prompt show up fine on the clients explorer, but
 cannot be reached.

Unix charset = UTF8
Display charset = UTF8 or ISO8859-1
Gives crazy looking filenames on unix, as expected :).
Still not available under XPs explorer.

Unix charset = ISO8859-1
 ... The hammer. Makes smbpasswd or tdbsam unreadable
 and prohibits samba logons: telling me something like
"readsmbpwfileentry: no colons (:) in line "
 for each line in smbpasswd.
I see there are no codepage files anymore, just some DAT
 files in the codepages dir, and no documentation so far.
 Google didn't help me so far.

 Anyone got a hint?

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