[Samba] Re: something wrong with the list (or its members)

peter.a.bryant at mainroads.qld.gov.au peter.a.bryant at mainroads.qld.gov.au
Mon Oct 21 04:14:01 GMT 2002

>That sounds about right.  There are only a few people with the time to
>play 'wack a mole' with the contuing stream of questions.

>I think one of the problems is that we don't have a decent FAQ system -
>so there are a *lot* of duplicate questions on the list.  (That said,
>I'm not sure how many people would read an FAQ in any case...)

>Andrew Bartlett

Just my small opinion, but I think that something already exists that
would go some way towards fixing the problem of unanswered queries,
(and perhaps even repeated questions)

I am talking about the Samba forum on TekTips.
Goto www.tek-tips.com  and search for a forum called Andrew Tridgell: Samba

This is a very nice forum.
Best things are

1. It makes it simple to follow a thread (which is kinda difficult thru mailing
   You can even mark threads you are interested in and they display first and
   can be notified by email when there is a reply to the thread

2. Makes it easy to see if someone has replied to a question or not
     (number of replies is displayed on list of threads)
   I look out for messages that have zero replies and try to help if I can.

Also may stop repeat questions because it has a nice search feature
as well as a good FAQ page that people can add to and which is easy to access.

I think the more people use this forum, the less basic questions will appear on
mailing list.
Check it out.  There are already 660 members of the list and it's only been
around since
about the start of the year.

I'm not doing an ad here - it's a free forum.
Think if everyone used this it would be good for Samba

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