[Samba] nmbd: wins: records not updated

Alexander Kuznetsov iam at alz27.nnov.ru
Mon Oct 21 06:37:00 GMT 2002


I have problem. I dont understand root of this problem and I say facts:
Have samba wins-server and many win-clients and two samba-clients.
At wins-server in browse.dat exists all clients, in wins.dat once in 2-3 days records about samba-clients
is not available.

In smb.conf at samba-clients exist this param:"remote announce = IP_of_wins_server"
In log of wins-server: "process_host_announce .... ttl=300 .... ", but 
in table "wins_write_database" TTL for this client not changed.

Now, I restart samba-client every 2-3 day. But it's not right way.

What I do not right ? Or this is bug ?

I try samba 2.2.3a and 2.2.5-10

Thanks for your time. It's very big problem for me.

	Alexander Kuznetsov

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