[Samba] samba & fat32 lockup my linux machine

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Fri Oct 18 14:13:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, 18 Oct 2002 dmarcelino at cox.net wrote:

> My problem is that whenever I try to copy a large file from a client
> machine to a fat32 partition (ext3 works fine) mounted under samba,
> the host linux machine will lock up completely.  I can, however, copy
> small files to the fat32 partition just fine (ie. 1 KB to 1 MB size
> file), it's only when I copy files that are about 200 MB and larger,
> that the computer will lockup.  NAT still functions, but telnet will
> no longer work and the host keyboard becomes completely unresponsive.
> All the host processes lock up (web server, swat, etc), and I can only
> press the reset button to get the machine up again.
> I've searched the mailing archives for a solution, but only found a
> person with a similar problem who received no responses.

Whay are you mounting a FAT32 filesystem?

If you want your clients to see the filespace as having FAT symantics then
all you need to do on your shared resource (ie: in the share definition in
smb.conf) is say "fstype = FAT". It is far preferable to use native Linux
file system types that have a higher level of integrity than to use native
FAT32. Have you tried this option?

- John T.

John H Terpstra
Email: jht at samba.org

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