[Samba] samba & fat32 lockup my linux machine

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Oct 18 13:25:01 GMT 2002

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On Fri, 18 Oct 2002 dmarcelino at cox.net wrote:

> My problem is that whenever I try to copy a large file from a client
> machine to a fat32 partition (ext3 works fine) mounted under samba, the
> host linux machine will lock up completely.  I can, however, copy small
> files to the fat32 partition just fine (ie. 1 KB to 1 MB size file),
> it's only when I copy files that are about 200 MB and larger, that the
> computer will lockup.  NAT still functions, but telnet will no longer
> work and the host keyboard becomes completely unresponsive.  All the
> host processes lock up (web server, swat, etc), and I can only press the
> reset button to get the machine up again.
> I've used the linux kernels 2.5.30 to 2.5.43, and have tried samba
> 2.2.5-2.2.6, and the problem exists through all of them.  I can ftp
> large files to the fat32 partition just fine, so I really believe the
> issue lies in samba.  I cannot switch the partition to a different
> filesystem, because I need the data on the drive to be accessible by
> Windows 2000 as well.  Also, I need to use the linux 2.5.x kernel,
> because 2.4.x does not correctly support my network cards, and ide
> controller.

By definition, the 2.5.x kernel tree is a development tree.
Network cards are cheap.  I would recommend buying a card supported
by a 2.4 Linux kernel and trying to reproduce the issue in that setup.
I don't think spending time trying to track down an interop bug with 
2.5 would be the most effective thing for us to do right now.

cheers, jerry
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