[Samba] Problems w/long file access times (samba2.2.5 & WinXP pro) (fwd)

Karim 'Kasi Mir' Senoucci kasi.mir at melzone.de
Thu Oct 17 11:53:01 GMT 2002

Hello all,
On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, Ben Griffith wrote:

>-----[ on 10/16/02 02:21:12 PM +0200 kasi.mir at melzone.de wrote ]-----
>> This only happens with our WinXP clients; the two legacy Win98 machines
>> still in use don't ever complain about anything. I read something about
>> oplock problems in an older mail on one of the samba mailing lists and
>> tried tinkering with the parameters to no avail.
>I saw delayed access to Samba shares with WinXP until I turned off the
>WebClient service that runs on WinXP. It was trying to access the Samba
>server over port 80 and waiting for timeouts until then using the expected
>NetBIOS ports. After disabling the WebClient service on my XP machines,
>they accessed the Samba shares normally.
>As an administrator on the XP machine type services.msc into the "run"
>dialog. Then look for WebClient and stop or disable the service. See if
>this makes any difference.

I disabled the WebClient service on all machines - sadly, it didn't help
much. I can't say whether the really long delays are still there, but
users have reported to me that they still have to wait seven to 15
seconds to open a file in Freehand, Excel or Word. This still happens on
the XP clients only - the Win98SE machines run fine.

Kasi Mir

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