[Samba] Samba. DR-DOS and Terabytes...

David Sweeney dave at emtex.com
Wed Oct 16 12:45:00 GMT 2002


We have just built a server with a terabyte of storage for a  powerquest 
file server, the deploycenter boot disks start Caldera DR-DOS 7.02 for 
the actual
deploycenter software to run under. We run Linux 7.3 with the samba that 
ships with
that version (sorry, I can't remember off hand and don't have access to 
a linux box
right now)

The problem I have is that the deploycenter software claims that there 
is not enough
free disk space when I try to back up a disk image to it, using exactly 
the same hardware
and configuration under windoze 2000 server, deploycenter reports that 
there is only
2048MB free but runs happily even if the backup is 25(+)GB I know that 
this is probably
to do with DOS and 2GB file limits or something but why would it work 
under windoze
but not under Samba?

Is there something I can configure in Samba to allow DR-DOS/deploycenter 
to write to

Any help/suggestions would be great.


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