[Samba] Fw: Errors for old server

Andy Canfield AndyCanfield at laonet.net
Wed Oct 16 04:22:01 GMT 2002

[Sorry, I accidentally sent my previous message from the wrong e-mail account.]

We installed Samba on our server named "BANGKOK", workgroup "BANGKOK". I had it as the master browser. But then we ran into an error,. Apparently Windows 98 can't tolerate a computer and a workgroup with the same name. So we changed the computer named to "SBANGKOK".

But now, even a month later, and after rebooting, /var/log/syslog receives a message every few minutes saying that something cannot find the master browser computer named "BANGKOK". I have been through the Samba config file and nothing refers to any computer named "BANGKOK", that is the workgroup name only.

So who is asking for that old computer name, and how do I tell it to stop?


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