[Samba] Errors for old server

Andy Canfield andy at adamsint.com
Wed Oct 16 03:57:00 GMT 2002

We installed Samba on our server named "BANGKOK", workgroup "BANGKOK". I had it as the master browser. But then we ran into an error,. Apparently Windows 98 can't tolerate a computer and a workgroup with the same name. So we changed the computer named to "SBANGKOK".

But now, even a month later, /var/log/syslog receives a message every few minutes saying that "it" cannot find the computer named "BANGKOK". Apparently something thinks that "BANGKOK" is the master browser for workgroup "BANGKOK" and wastes a lot of CPU time looking for it. I have been through the Samba config file and nothing refers to any computer named "BANGKOK". I've rebooted the computer; the problem persists.

So who is asking for that old computer name, and how do I tell it to stop?


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