[Samba] KSambaPlugin 0.3a - Release ( Configuration tool for KDE3 )

Jan Schäfer j_schaef at informatik.uni-kl.de
Tue Oct 15 07:02:01 GMT 2002


I'm a developer of KSambaPlugin.
KSambaPlugin is a configuration tool for KDE 3.
It consists of a KControl Center Module for configuring nearly every SAMBA 
option and a Konqueror properties dialog plugin for quick sharing of single
We have released a 0.3 alpha Version which is already very useful
(But not ready for critical usage)
We need help for testing the program, especially for the design of the dialogs 
and for missing options.
As we are no professional SAMBA users we need some help.
Please send comments to improve the program.
KSambaPlugin is released under the GPL so it is free.

Website : http://ksambakdeplugin.sf.net
Download : 
email for comments : mailto:janschaefer at users.sourceforge.net

Have fun,

	Jan Schaefer

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