[Samba] swat problems under RedHat 7.3

overbyte7 overbyte7 at attbi.com
Mon Oct 14 18:32:02 GMT 2002

I'm having problems validating when using swat on the localhost.
The server is RH Linux 7.3. I'm using encrypted passwords and I'm
able to connect to points using Windows products, etc; however,
when I http://localhost:901, I get the login dialog, but it won't
accept the root account or password.  It tells me that the 
"Authorization failed". I did configure the /etc/services and the
/etc/xinetd.d/swat file correctly, and HUP'ed the xinetd daemon.
Is it a security issue within Linux or is it possibly my swat
config under xinetd.d?  Here is the swat file:

service swat
         port    = 901
         socket_type     = stream
         wait    = no
         only_from = localhost
         user    = root
         server  = /usr/local/samba/bin/swat
         log_on_failure  += USERID
         disable =  No

Any help is much appreciated....Thank you.

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