[Samba] problem with non-English Windows filenames

bulia byak bulia at dr.com
Sun Oct 13 18:24:00 GMT 2002

I have a Win98 machine with Russian file names. As suggested in many places, I put the following into smb.conf:

  client code page = 866
  character set = KOI8-R
  preserve case = yes
  short preserve case = yes
  default case = upper
  case sensitive = yes

Still, the filenames as viewed from Linux are unreadable (and files are unaccessible). For example, the Russian name of the "My documents" folder becomes "Н╚© Я╚╛:03c0~:0393:03b4", a mix of wrong  characters and some hex codes preceded by ":".

The system is Mandrake 8.2. Everywhere else Cyrillic letters show up fine, including a local fat32 partition, so this is not a problem with Cyrillic support. I have tried samba 2.2.3a and then 2.2.5, but the problem persists. 

Just in case, here's the line from fstab:

//winbox/C /mnt/c smbfs uid=bulia,password=,user,defaults,fmask=0666 0 0

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