[Samba] Samba vs. LPR printing from Win2K/WinXP?

Steve Snyder swsnyder at insightbb.com
Sun Oct 13 17:50:01 GMT 2002


I'm looking at the different ways to make printers available on a Linux 
server available to Win 2K/XP clients.  I already have Samba (v2.2.5) 
providing network drives to Windows clients from this server.

What are the relative merits of Samba vs. LPR printing?  It seems to me 
that LPR is the way to go, since Samba just provides a front-end to the 
LPR service anyway.  It could be, though, that there are issues I am not 
aware of, since I have zero experience with LPR usage on a Windows box.

I guess I am asking for education.  Why should I prefer one method of 
providing printer access over the other method?


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