[Samba] 2.2.5 and NIS question

ufo at reiff-gmbh.de ufo at reiff-gmbh.de
Tue Oct 1 13:11:00 GMT 2002

thanks for your answer

the point is - we don't have an ms-domain - and i don't want to set it up
we have some citrix metaframe (single) servers that actually connect
to Novell Netware 3.20 (!)
the commercial applications run on AIX (via telnet)

the plan is to move the Novell structure directly to an linux box using samba

Each user has a login/password on the AIX (NIS-based)
I just want to use this (very fine working) system to authenticate the
users of the samba on the linux box

any help is appreciated

best regards

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