[Samba] Making printers available on Domain Browse list

Noel McLoughlin Noel.McLoughlin at oracle.com
Wed May 29 09:18:02 GMT 2002


I have Samba 2.4 (+ cups) running on a solaris 8 server.

The printers are working great and function perfectly except that
sometimes I notice a message (while browsing) after selecting a printer
that  "Error - received a data size that was too small" or similar.

Anyone know what this means?

More importantly My printers don't appear on the NT DOMAIN as
available shares


This used to work.....

Changing my Browseable = yes has no effect for the PRINTERS share
because it immediately reverts to know after running testparm or
restarting samba.

Is it because I have a few printers listed in my smb.conf as


..... stuff ....

..  blaa...
available = No
Browseable = No

... blaa ...
available = No
Browseable = No

Everything else works perfectly but just cannot browse to the printers
on the Domain list easily.


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